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The shop is for all the Dr. Stone fans and anime fans. You can find much surprising merchandise here. They are all good ideas as gifts. If your friends like Dr. Stone, Our shop is sure to give you a lot of inspiration.


Dr. Stone World

Dr. Stone is a manga work created by Riichiro Inagaki and co-created by Boichi drawing. It was serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump from March 2017 to March 2022.

Thousands of years have passed since all human beings were petrified in an instant by a miraculous phenomenon. Senku Ishigami, a natural science boy with a superhuman brain, has awakened. After being resurrected from petrification, he decided to rebuild scientific civilization from scratch in the wild world. His way of thinking is highly logical, he has extensive and systematic knowledge of natural sciences and practical ability, and he also has a little bit of medicine. In STONE WORLD, where civilization was destroyed, Senku Ishigami decided to restore the entire world with the power of science. At the same time, the companions, including Taiju Oki, a childhood friend who had excessive physical strength, were also awakened. Taiju Oki assists Qiankong in rebuilding civilization with his endless physical strength, and is mainly responsible for labor such as gathering and farming.


Dr. Stone Accessories - Our Recommendation

Accessories are a favorite type of item that fans buy because they are not only diverse but also inexpensive. Even student fans can afford it. We have carefully prepared many Dr. Stone Accessories for you. You can find your favorite Dr. Stone Accessory by browsing our website.

Dr. Stone Keychain: Buy a Dr. Stone Keychain and make the life full of breath of Dr. Stone. Our Dr. Stone Keychain is durable, bright and compact. Simple and classic key ring, it looks simple, but it's really hard. The simple design is just right, without too much decoration and matching. Really minimalist but not simple.

Dr. Stone Sticker: Stickers are really something that will go crazy no matter how old you are. Elementary school students like to stick their favorite stickers on their notebooks, pencil boxes or school bags. This will give them motivation to write every day. College students or office workers like to stick stickers on computers, desks, and even drinking glasses. Make them more motivated at work by making their passion visible everywhere. So Dr. Stone Stickers cant be missed!

There are more Dr. Stone accessories in our shop. Please browse the navigation bar and choose your favorite one.


Five Stars Product - Dr. Stone Notebook

Dr. Stone Notebook: This is a handmade and customized notebook. Dr. Stone Notebook is made of spiral bound with double wire. The picture is printed on a durable cover that can be wiped clean We use spiral bound to make sure you can make full use of the notebook.


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